Trickle – Up is a charitable, non-profit community based organization located at Embakasi Central sub- County along Kangundo road at Kayole Junction and working with urban communities. The organization started in May 2011 by Gladys Malelu with the sole purpose of addressing a myriad problem befalling the people of Eastlands focusing mainly on the less fortunate group’s i.e women, youths and children. It was a very humble beginning when the founder saw the need to transform the lives of house-help in the area by stating a vocational training institute which was community based. The purpose of empowering them is to give them livelihood in order to support their offspring. Most of the house-helps are mothers and because of no special skills and rights were being abused and paid peanuts by the employers.  This was a transformation process that now could see young mothers turning into potential business women because of the acquired skills.

For the school it was a humble beginning through acquiring three tailoring machines which were bought by a one and half year savings in a woman chama (self-help group). The trainees were paying only $3 per month and this was the turning point and the genesis of Trickle up. The organization has since grown and its management expanded to include other three directors with Gladys Malelu as the managing director.

Trickle – Up organization is a refuge of many young and desperate women and youths who would like to skill-up their potential skills hence liberating them from many vices of abuse, prostitution, exploitation and more others. The organization serves the large Embakasi consists of 4 Sub County and Kasarani sub county. The organization has taken the mandate of empowering the vulnerable women and youths by giving them skills to grow their potential, recover their lost glory and strengthen their communities afterwards. As an organization we believe that change starts with an individual. Organization pursue the goal of empowering people for innovations, creativity, leaderships skills teamwork, maximum resource exploitation, entrepreneurial skills, development, clear communication and cooperation among all.

The question that one may ask is how has trickle up been able to sustain its programs? It has been hard to run programs but one thing is that where there is a will there is away. Our programs have been sustainable from well-wishers, local donors, selling of the products produced both locally and international. Trickle up has sustained its program through that but call on all people of good will to support the endeavors.